The employee handbook narrates your company’s history, objectives, values, and mission to your new hires. Since it reflects the mandatory and legal regulations that the company complies with, you need to update it right when there are slight changes in the current regulatory obligations. The post-pandemic workplace will require complying with regulations scheduled to be effective from 2021.

2021 requires updates in the current Employee Handbook that complies with the recent regulatory changes. Over 26-35 regulations have changed since 2020. If you haven’t updated your Employee Handbook since 2020, it is already out-dated and is a risk of violations. 

Now is the best time to upgrade all the malicious clauses that could leave your company vulnerable to lawsuits. Explore the must-have regulations that your company can’t grow without! Join hands with Clatid.io to learn what regulatory requirements will be considered to mitigate risks and violations.

Why You Should Attend 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Department of Labor (DOL), and other regulatory authorities will now target the companies that haven’t been compliant with the recent updates. When these agencies look forward to audit employers all around the US, introducing your employees to the new state and federal laws and maintaining a mature level of compliance is now more important than ever. There’s a sudden surge in the federal regulations graph as compared to the previous years, whereas, the multi-state regulations have increased and continue to expand to other states. However, since both Federal and State regulations often face conflicts, you need to analyze what regulations will affect your organization and how.

Areas Covered in the Session 

-Learn to identify employee handbook violations that will land the employees and the company in hot water and    prepare for them
-Learn which regulatory authority will consider which regulation and eliminate the risk
-Recent policies about the paid leave laws and how to manage them. And all the new regulations and updates that will  impact your company.
-Learn what five employee handbook policies that reduce risk and regulatory violations.
-A deep explanation of the best practices in developing an employee handbook.
-Rule out outdated policies and replace them with what the current year requires.
-See how training can be one of your “first line of defense” against employee claims.
-Learn whether to include the salary history in handbooks, career websites, or applications.
-Discover the impact of “Ban the Box” regulations on criminal background screening regulations.

Duration: - 90 Minutes.
Suggested Attendees

-All Business Owners (Large/Small)
-All Employers
-Company Leadership
-Compliance professionals
-Payroll Administrators
-HR Professionals
-Employers in all industries

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