Cryptocurrency Taxation in 2023: Updates and IRS Guidance 

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have been getting headlines for years now, first because of their increasing value, and lately because of a crash in value. Yet, few business professionals can grasp the intricacies, opportunities, and challenges posed by this new technology. Millions of crypto traders are searching daily for tax professionals with expert knowledge of crypto taxation. 

While the uncertainty of the crypto market never ceases to amaze, IRS offers proper guidance to make cryptocurrency taxation a less hefty task. Join us this June to learn the latest updates on the cryptocurrency taxation and how it takes place in 2023 onwards. This session is perfect for tax pros seeking to learn more about crypto, and for others seeking to understand how crypto works as it relates to taxes.


What You will Learn 

-Cryptocurrency taxation in 2023
-IRS guidance
-Definitions and key terms
-How to deal with the ups and downs of the crypto market
-Newer items such as NFTs
-How to deal with various transactions, including charitable contributions made with crypto


Why You Should Attend

This continuing education course will prepare you to take on clients in blockchain businesses as well as ensure that you understand the full compliance measures relating to crypto. We will also discuss in detail NFTs and the involved transactions in blockchain. It will also be appropriate for people who are not tax professionals.


Who Will Benefit 

-Office managers
-HR professionals
-Business owners
-Tax professionals


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