We Strive To Build A Better Healthcare System

Clatid knows the importance of up-to-the-mark healthcare. Thus, we offer comprehensive guidelines based on official regulations, such as HIPAA, to keep your track in check.


Comply With Official Healthcare

Healthcare providers strive each day to bring about the best features to contribute to your lifestyle. However, the regulatory authorities have to comply with some regulations while sketching out these policies. We call sticking to these laws as healthcare compliance.


Clatid realizes the necessity of expert-led healthcare and nursing, and prepares you for all circumstances in the industry.

  • HCQIA, 1986
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • PSQIA, 2005
  • CHIP, 2009
  • Affordable Care Act, 2010
  • HRRP
  • OSHA

Healthcare is given an utmost priority all around the world, and therefore undermining it could meet your firm with severe penalties, which often results in permanent cancellations or bans. Therefore, it is mandatory to analyze all official standards and keep a close eye to its implementation at your premises. It is highly recommended to stick to regulatory compliance, when it comes to the privacy and security of all concerned parties.

Clatid Understands the Core Needs of Health Compliance

  • Patient safety and privacy
  • On-time billing and transactions
  • Proper hygienic infrastructure
  • Monitoring and regular auditing
  • Protection from data breaches

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