This webinar includes all the new changes to the discharge planning standards that became effective November 29, 2019, and published in the February 21, 2020 manual. It is anticipated CMS will publish revised interpretive guidelines and survey procedures to match the new regulations in 2021. These apply to all hospitals, and for the first time will apply to critical access hospitals.

Clatid introduces experts-approved explanations on the evaluations, planning, and documentation of patient discharge that meet the CMS' criteria.

Topics Discussed in the Webinar

-CMS issues revised hospital & CAH Discharge Planning requirements
-How this will impact the discharge planning worksheet which will be amended
-Discharge planning process and required planning
-Identification of patients in need of discharge planning
-Evaluation of discharge planning
-RN, social worker, or qualified person to develop evaluation
-Timely evaluation 
-Discussion of evaluation with patient or individual acting on their behalf 
-Discharge evaluation must be in the medical record
-Documentation of the discharge process
-Discharge plan
-Physician request for discharge planning
-Implementation of the patient’s discharge plan
-Reassessment of the discharge plan
-Freedom of choice for LTC, LTCH, home health agencies, and inpatient rehab
-Document list to provide (except CAHs)
-Transfer or referral

Webinar Highlights

-Detailed discussion on the CMS Discharge Planning Worksheet
-Overview of the discharge planning process, evaluation, and requirements 
-Documentation of the discharge process
-Patient rights in relation to discharge planning

Core Objectives of the Session

-To thoroughly discuss the CMS' revised discharge planning requirements that apply to all hospitals and critical access hospitals
-To recall patients and physicians can request a discharge planning evaluation
-To learn that information about the hospitalization must be provided to the physician or provider before the first post-hospital visit
-To describe that the patient has a right to get medical records timely including a copy of their discharge plan

Who Will Benefit

-Transitional care nurses
-RN discharge planners
-Social workers
-Billing Office Directors
-All staff nurses who discharge patients in a hospital setting
-Nurse educators
-Health information directors
-Chief nursing officers
-Chief Operating Officers
-ED nurses
-Patient Safety Officers
-Discharge planners
-Nurse managers
-Staff nurses
-PI directors
-Chief medical officers
-Risk managers
-Social workers
-Physician advisors
-Regulatory officers
-All nurses with direct patient care
-Compliance officers
-UR nurses
-Joint Commission Coordinators
-Chief Operating Officers
-Chief executive Officers
-Hospital committee members who redesign the discharge process to prevent unnecessary readmissions

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.


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