All of these problems are a daily occurrence at most properties. This seminar will give you fresh ideas to deal with the issues and the residents involved. You will learn to not run afoul of fair housing issues when dealing with these situations. We will cover all matters of actual lease violations and what can be done to enforce any violations that may occur. Covered are the most common lease violations, how to effectively communicate to the tenants when they do violate the lease or house rules. Also, how best to documents the type of infractions and what is needed for an eviction. Consideration is also given to the resident files and what policies and procedures must be in place to satisfy HUD’s requirements.

Areas covered in this Session-

-Answers to many questions about service/assistive animals
-How do I handle resident harassment and bullying?
-What do I do about pets and companion/service animals?
-How do I handle unauthorized residents?
-What do I do with pet infractions?
-I have parking violations-now what?
-Damages found during inspections.
-Drugs – smoking weed, now what?
-How to handle noise complaints?
-How about amenities violations?
-Communication documentation
-Texting documentation.


Why Attend this Training-

This is a real-world course. All items covered are truly things that a property manager runs into on a daily basis. We will cover is issue and provide solutions which work best for all parties involved. There are proper ways of documenting these violations to keep you out of trouble and remain in compliance with various program violations.


Suggested Attendees-

-Property Managers
-Property owners
-Leasing Consultants
-Housing Authority Staff
-Tax credit compliance staff


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