Employment Law - Lawsuits in 2023

Employers often make the biggest mistakes while firing employees that may get their
organizations in trouble. Being an employer, they may take the risks that will get them sued in
2023. To refrain from such risks, employers must be aware of the most fundamental steps they
can take that may reduce their chances of EEOC charges of discrimination and employment law
Join us this March to learn about the changes you need to implement in order to avoid lawsuits.
We will discuss the role of FLSA, ADA and NLRA in 2023. This session will be presented by a
lawyer who actually litigates these cases in federal courts and is much more relatable than an
instructor who only reads about these types of cases.
We will use a fast-pace format to cover tons of examples of dangerous things that can get you
sued. Expect >100 slides to be covered with examples spanning risky actions involving wage
and hour violations, multiple discrimination and retaliation issues. Wide ranging examples
means attendees who work for private companies, public employers (cities/ counties/ school
districts, etc.) and even non-profits will all learn from examples that apply to their type of
This session uses recent, ripped-from-the-headlines examples and is not just a boring list of
laws and regulations. Our speaker, David Miklas, has a way of connecting with the audience so
that it is easy to follow the examples that he is discussing. His style and manner of speaking
makes it easy to follow, especially since some of these topics could get confusing if there was
too much legalese, which he avoids.

Get Answers to

-What are the biggest risks employers are taking in 2023 that will get them sued?
-What are the biggest mistakes employers are making when they fire employees?
-What simple things can you do IMMEDIATELY to reduce your chances of EEOC
charges of discrimination and employment law litigation?

In Relevance to 2023

-Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
-Title VII
-Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
-National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)

Why You Should Attend

Join us to learn how to avoid EEOC charges and lawsuits. This session will allow you to
immediately assess errors in your own organization and implement changes to become
compliant with various employment laws. Examples used in this session are not made up, but
rather are actual errors that HR professionals and business owners regularly make.
Many business owners and human resources professionals could benefit from this session. This
is a great refresher for HR professionals who have 20+ years of experience, and for those who
are HRCI or SHRM certified.  Also, for those less experienced, it is an outstanding way to
quickly become exposed to many scenarios that could result in litigation from applicants or

Who will Benefit

-HR professionals
-Business owners


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