Employee Handbook as a Legal Roadmap

In 2022, employee handbooks will include major updates on what's mandated, what accommodations need to be made, and what you should correct or eliminate to avoid lawsuits. The employee handbook is one of the documents that is reviewed by attorneys who are looking to sue you. Having a self-explanatory employee handbook is critical to a company and having it updated with all the necessary policies is crucial.

Labor research has proven that Employers have a delay in implementing new regulations and adding it to Employee Handbooks or stand-alone policies. Federal, State, and local regulations have an impact on maintaining workplace compliance and Employers need to be aware when Federal, State, and Local regulations clash with the regulations with the most benefit for the employees supersedes. This makes it necessary for Employers to learn and timely update all workplace regulations in 2022.

New regulations go hand in hand with your employee handbook and standalone policy updates. As a team of compliance officers, we always provide support to Employers and professionals and see what the gaps are when protecting employees. This training will focus on some of the major errors that are made when updating employee handbooks and how to avoid some of the large penalties caused by these errors.

Join us on Clatid to get a start-to-end guidance on crafting an employee handbook that's more than a boring manual. We'll explain the role of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, sexual harassment, and employee equity. To appreciate your participation, you'll also receive a free compliance tool to help you further understand the handbook policies for 2022.

What's New in 2022?

-Learn what policies must be included in your employee handbook for 2022
-2022 Federal regulations are already listed for employee handbooks
-Learn what policies are consistently missed by Employers
-Which handbook errors impact COVID-19 Vaccinations?
-Why do Employers need to be aware of what the NLRB updates are on employee handbooks?
-Common mistakes that can lead to lawsuits
-Updates on policies for masks and vaccines that need to be included in employee handbooks
-New update called bystander discrimination and harassment reporting: what is the Employer risk?
-State regulations need to be revised with over 18 new regulations impacting COVID-19 vaccines mandates, sexual harassment
-Learn how the At-Will statement can cause litigation nightmares
-Learn why grooming and dress code policies can be a discriminatory practice
-The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was updated to include sexual orientation by the Supreme Court in 2020 but Employers have not updated their handbook
-Learn how tracking reasonable accommodation requests for Covid-19 can avoid disability and discrimination allegations
-Learn how workplace vaccine mandates need to be updated in the employee handbook 2022
-Learn why teleworking policies are a landmine if not written appropriately
-Learn how vaccine mandates by safety in the workplace enforcement by OSHA needs to be included even though it has not been established
-Learn how the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) can be a huge benefit when trying to manage employee relations issues
-Why are the 2022 complaint procedures creating havoc for Employers?


An Employee Handbook That Actually Communicates

No matter what state you do business in, or how many employees you have, you will be subject to state and federal employment laws. Your handbook not only communicates these various entitlements and obligations to employees but is useful in demonstrating that your organization strives to be compliant with these regulations. Do not underestimate the legal impact your employee handbook can have on your risk strategy!

Now more than ever, Employers need to ensure employee handbooks are consistent and include all new regulations and changes that involve your workplace and workforce.





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Who Will Benefit?

-All Employers
-Business Owners
-Company Leadership
-Compliance professionals
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-All professionals
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-Small Business Owners


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