Fair Labor Standard Act in 2022: How to Avoid the Overtime Legal Pitfalls

The FLSA governs the payment of wages and who must be paid overtime. The Department of Labor has implemented a number of exemptions to the requirement to pay overtime such as the White-Collar Exemptions and the 7(i) exemption for retail and service establishments. The DOL also allows different ways of computing overtime pay, which makes FLSA one of the most misunderstood employment laws in the country.


Penalties for FLSA non-compliance include up to three years of back pay to employees who were paid incorrectly. Join us this August to learn how to comply with wage and hour laws from a Federal, state, and government contracting basis. You will also get an update on the most recent State Regulations on Wage and Hour issues.


The FLSA is a Federal Law, but employers must know that many states, municipalities, and any type of government contract may have their own rules regarding minimum wage and overtime. Maintaining compliance is critical to your business. Failing to do so can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Join us on Clatid to understand your organization's responsibilities with regard to what types of positions qualify as white-collar exemptions, how to handle commissions, shift differential and production bonuses for hourly employees, and other nuances of complying such as handling training and travel time.



Exemptions and Overtime

-What are white-collar exemptions?
-How to determine them?
-How to determine other exemptions?
-How to calculate overtime?
-How to compute overtime pay for multiple pay rates?
-How to correctly calculate overtime pay for employees who receive commissions, production bonuses, and shift differential?



Get Answers to

-What are recent updates on various State Regulations?
-What are the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act?
-What is the minimum wage in areas in which your organization operates?
-What are minimum wage requirements by State and Contract?
-When to pay for training, travel time, meal breaks, or employees on-call?



Bonus Topics

-Tests to determine if a position qualifies for a White Collar Exemption
-What’s going to get you in trouble?
-Action items you will be needing
-Recordkeeping and posting requirements



Who Will Benefit?

-Human Resources professionals
-Business owners
-All organizations in the U.S involved in interstate commerce
-Chambers of Commerce
-Human Resources associations
-Small business groups
-Every industry
-Every business association
-Small business development centers

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