2021 workplace goals for COVID-19 have shifted as it becomes more impactful for Employers when it comes to testing, vaccination, and litigation. In 2020, OSHA issued guidance for Employers to open their workplaces safely. However, merely the guidance wasn't enough to enforce the necessary measures, and many companies had no consequence when they did not comply with this guidance. These inconsistencies put employers and employees at risk for contracting COVID-19.

2021 has changed the focus to have OSHA be the enforcement on the health and safety factors to have employees rejoin their workplaces safely and provide the necessary direction for them. The new administration has increased their compliance efforts to ensure that OSHA is overseeing the violations of regulations in the workplace and increased fines and penalties.

Join Clatid this May to review the necessary steps taken under OSHA to offer a COVID-19-free work environment, and what non-compliance with it may cost you.

Why You Should Attend It

COVID-19 has impacted the world since February 2020 and now science experts expect it will continue to get worse before it gets better. Now that there are several vaccinations and now one year later of COVID-19, employers are obligated according to the OSH Act to provide a hazard-free work environment to their employees and other stakeholders.

Now, employers need a new direction to appropriately prepare for the workplace and have their workforce have confidence that they are doing all that is needed to ensure a safe working environment. Employers also need to also make sure they meet all the compliance requirements to avoid penalties, fines, and even criminal sanctions. Join Margie Faulk to learn how vaccinations in the workplace are leading employers and industry professionals to mitigate all the changes to the workplace.

Topics Discussed In The Webinar

-How did the OSHA's COVID-19 guidance meet or not meet the needs of Employers in 2020?
-What effects did testing in the workplace bring?
-How the new administration has changed the paradigm in OSHA and how they mitigate COVID-19 in the workplaces
-What COVID-Recording requirements have changed in 2021
-Learn how to make work-relatedness determinations for COVID-19 cases according to OSHA’s latest guidance
-The best compliance practices to ensure workplace safety during COVID-19
-Learn with us how safety committees are a great option during COVID-19
-What are the new penalties and necessary enforcement efforts by OSHA under the new administration?
-The most effective way employers can communicate changes to stakeholders and employees to ensure full confidence
-How vaccination in the workplace poses challenges for professionals and employers by the OSHA, the EEOC, and the ADA?

Target Audience

-All Employers
-HR Professionals
-Business Owners
-Compliance professionals
-Company Leadership
-Office Managers
-Large Business Owners
-Facilities Managers
-Employers in all industries
-Safety Managers and Safety Committees
-Small Business Owners

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