Maintaining an up-to-date and well-managed waiting list promotes fair and consistent treatment of families, ensures that families receive assistance as quickly as possible, and assists PHAs in complying with their fair housing and civil rights requirements. Structuring the waiting list, the documentation needed from applicants, and the selection criteria are the critical steps in helping the PHA maintain high leasing and occupancy rates.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide PHAs with guidance for drafting waiting list and tenant selection policies in an Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP). While HUD has certain requirements for selection and admission to the Public Housing (PH) program, PHAs have flexibility in how they administer the waiting list.

This webinar will demonstrate options for accepting applications, managing the waiting list and selecting families from the waiting list.

Areas Covered in this Training:

· Key Regulations
· Tenant selection plan
· Marketing
· Selecting tenants
· Admission to the waiting list
· Income targeting
· Preferences
· Removal from the waiting list
· Family size
· Taking Applications for Occupancy
· Matching Applicants on the Waiting List to Available Units
· Creating and Maintaining Waiting Lists
· Opening and Closing the Waiting List
· Placing Families with Disabled Family Members
· Documenting Changes to Waiting Lists
· Updating Waiting List Information
· Removing Names from the Waiting List
· Reinstating Applicants to the Waiting List
· Record-Keeping
· Establish criteria for updating and maintaining a waiting list
· Determine methods to be used when selecting applicants from the waiting list

Why Attend this Training:

This course will go into depth of how to effectively manage a waiting list. HUD has very particular rules about waiting lists and we will cover the rules so that your property and managers will be in compliance with the regulations.

Incorrect management of waiting list will affect you as for a compliance review and also can pose some fair housing issues as well. You will understand what to do and not to do in working with waiting lists.

You will learn the correct way to handle waiting lists according to HUD guidelines. There are many nuances to doing this correctly and after attending the seminar you will have a good understanding of managing the waiting list.


Suggested Attendees:

· Property Managers
· Property owners
· Maintenance Staff
· Leasing Consultants
· PHAs


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