Is your organization completely compliant with Federal immigration laws, or is there a chance that hefty fines, or worse, await you for potential violations?

To put a stop to illegal immigration, Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) in 1986. The IRCA was enacted to legalize approximately three million undocumented immigrants while attempting to deter future undocumented immigration. To comply with IRCA’s directives, it is mandatory for all U.S. employers to complete a Form I-9 for every new hire after 6th November 1986.

Any employer that knowingly hires employees, unauthorized to work in the United States, violates the Federal immigration laws. The Federal Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification, is used by employers as a record of their basis to determine whether an employee is eligible to work in the U.S. The form is maintained by the employer and provided upon request for inspection by officials of The Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, and the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices. 

Areas Covered in the Session

-What is Form I-9 and who must comply?
-Changes to Form I-9 in 2021
-Exceptions for completing and retaining Forms I-9
-The role of employers and employees while completing Form I-9
-Most common I-9 form errors
-How to correct and omit errors
-What does Form I-9 retention rules include?
-Form I-9 self, internal and external audits
-Extents of violations
-Immigration and Customs Enforcement Audits
-Inspection Notices 
-What would non-compliance cost?
-E-Verify system
-Difference between I-9 and E-Verify
-E-Verify rules & methods
-States with current E-Verify laws
-E-Verify self-audits: Vital steps

Who Will Benefit?

-Senior Management
-Payroll professionals
-Human Resources professionals
-Recruiting professionals
-Managers & Supervisors
-Compliance professionals
-Operations Managers

Duration - 90 Mins.

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