Tax debt is nothing to brush off, especially when you owe an outrageous amount. If you can’t afford your tax debt, the IRS must decide if – and how – you’ll be able to pay.

There are many different types of Installment Agreements offered by the IRS and it can be difficult to figure out which one(s) your client qualifies for, or what the best option may be. This course will review the various types of IRS Installment Agreements as well as the steps necessary to establish and maintain the Installment Agreement with Automated Collection Systems (ACS). Including Streamline Installment Agreements, Non-Streamline Installment Agreements, and Partial Pay Installment Agreements. 

This webinar will be an overview of how taxpayers can set up a payment arrangement with the IRS. This is for individuals and businesses that have a tax balance and cannot pay in full today. We will look at guaranteed arrangements, streamlined plans, and also partial pay installment agreements.


Areas Covered in this session:

-The qualifications need to set up a guaranteed installment agreement
-Outline the taxpayer requirements to establish and maintain an Installment Agreement
-The paperwork and qualifications to set up a streamlined installment agreement
-Evaluate how to calculate and evaluate the Installment Agreement options to pick the one that is best for the taxpayer
-Determine the differences between Streamline, Non-Streamline, and Partial Pay Installment Agreements
-What the IRS looks at when considering a payment arrangement
-The qualifications to set up a partial pay installment arrangement with the IRS.
-Summarize the Review of Best Practices in establishing Installment Agreements with Automated Collections System (ACS)



Why Attend this webinar:

While installment agreements can be an excellent way to manage tax debts, they can be problematic in some cases. The IRS will often file a lien notice before entering into an installment agreement. An experienced tax attorney can help ensure that the IRS and States follow these rules and that the rules are used to your benefit rather than your detriment. Here, in this webinar, seasoned Enrolled Agents(EA) – Timalyn S. Bowens, an expert on Tax & IRS matters will explain everything about the IRS Installment Agreements.

After the end of this event, participants will have an understanding of who qualifies for an IRS installment agreement. They will also know what they need to apply for this arrangement with the IRS.


Suggested Attendees:

-CPA - small firm
-CPA - medium firm
-CPA - large firm
-Enrolled Agents
-Tax Attorney
-Tax Managers
-Tax professionals with clients interested in setting up a payment arrangement with the IRS to better manage cash flow


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