More companies are now expanding their recruiting worldwide to find the best talent, it is becoming more and more critical for payroll professionals to understand non-immigrant concerns and how it affects how we pay employees, from taxes that need to accounted for in the US and in the foreign country.
As a payroll professional when you have been told by your HR department that they hired a new associate with an H1B Visa. Your response probably was – ok so what does that mean? This webinar will help the participant know what documentation to look for and how the IRS defines taxation. Details of international pay policies and taxation will also be reviewed.



Areas Covered in the Training:

-Why it is critical for HR and payroll to work together on anyone being hired that is on a visa status.
-Understanding the Visa process from how companies obtain a visa for a potential employee to how to handle employees already on visas when being hired.
-Understanding taxation concerns for non-immigrant workers
-How to manage nonresident alien payee' tax issues efficiently
-Discussions on what is an I-94 Card and how to review them.
-Details of different types of Work Visa’s such as L-1, E, O, H-1, TN/NAFTA
-Details of different types of Student visas such as F-1 & J-1
-Tax Equalization and Tax Protection Plans
-Having a solid Hypothetical Tax Plan
-Develop an effective plan to improve your company's regulatory compliance
-How to make your backup withholding deposits timely and keep the IRS from confusing them with your payroll tax and other withholding deposits


Why Attend this Training:

After attending this webinar, you will –
-Learn more about international and US taxation for temporary workers
-Able to identify your NRA payees and bring your company into compliance Understand the difference between DOL Rules and IRS Rules for temporary workers in the US
-Get better understanding of IRA approved tax policies and how they impact the employee and employer.
-Recognize how to develop an effective plan to move your company, institution or clients toward complete regulatory compliance, efficiency improvements, standardized processes and adequate documentation, to ensure NRAs are properly handled according to IRS and tax treaty regulations


Duration: 60 Minutes
Suggested Attendees:

-Payroll professionals
-HR Professionals
-Compensation Professionals
-Accounting Professionals
-Taxation professionals 
-Bookkeepers & Accountants & Tax Preparers
-Compliance Officers
-Information Reporting Officers
-Tax Managers
-Accounting Managers
-IT Managers
-Compliance Managers
-Risk Managers.


Recommended For

This Online Education Tax Course is recommended for CPA, EA, AFSP, CRTP, MRTP, ORTP, CFIRS, CWS, SHRM, HRCI, CMA, and any other tax professionals who want to understand everything about Resident & Non-Resident Alien Payroll.
This CE/CPE webinar is also helpful for desiring to update themselves about payroll-related matters.


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