OSHA and the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) - November 2021

OSHA finally launched the ETS on November 5, 2021. Employers have 60 days to put their vaccine mandate in place which has been slated to start on January 4, 2022. It's the deadline for employees to get vaccinated, as that's when the weekly testing goes into effect.

Does the OSHA Rule require employers to provide paid time to employees to get vaccinated or recover from its side effects? How will the paid time off requirement be processed? What documents does the OSHA require for reporting results of the vaccine?

What are the alternatives and Reasonable Accommodations for medical, disability, and sincerely held religious belief options? What are the testing guidelines? Do Employers Need to conduct contact tracing if there is a positive result for COVID-19? Who pays for the testing in the workplace?

Join us to have your expert answer all these questions along with many more. To appreciate your participation, you'll also receive a FREE customized compliance tool to take a deeper dive to understand the ETS and how it impacts your responsibilities.


Why is it Important to Attend?

It is critical for Employers and professionals to ensure understanding of all the moving parts in this mandate. After reading the entire OSHA Rule, there are many factors that you may find confusing, unclear, inconsistent and to be a challenge to follow.

A few of the items that are new
-Effective dates are consistent across all the mandates ordered by the President
-Employees that work remotely do not have to get vaccinated
-Boosters are not required as part of the ETS
-Employees who conduct self-testing, results will not be accepted without a proctor 
-The OSHA Rule will not conflict with other mandates
-Copies of the vaccine status is required

There's a plethora of other elements of the ETS with many website pages and resources. Join us to breakdown the ETS, so Employers and professionals can understand the process, develop an effective policy, ensure compliance and answer specific questions. This is a critical training that Employers and Professionals must attend to prepare before the January 4, 2022 deadline knocks at your door.



What You'll Learn

-What elements do Employers need to prepare for the mandate and to not miss the deadline?
-How does the ETS impact the current state bans on vaccine mandates?
-How should Employers determine the eligibility criteria based on headcount?
-What has the OSHA Rule brought for remote employees and the vaccine mandate?
-How do the different mandates interact with each other now?
-How will the Federal Rule impact the Union workplace?
-Do Employers need a written vaccination policy?
-Does the OSHA Rule include the US Post Office?
-Which employees does this OSHA Rule apply on and who is exempted from it?
-What do you need to include in the OSHA Rule policy?
-What needs to be included in documentation requirements?


What Else?

-How are testing expectations in the OSHA Rule?
-Are booster shots part of the OSHA Rule?
-How many times Employers need to test employees in lieu of vaccination?
-How long will the OSHA Rule last?
-What does the new mandate say for the employees, who get COVID-19?
-How much time are the employees allowed to get vaccinated?
-What types of test results may employees submit?


It was Long-Awaited!

Employers, professionals, attorneys, and employees have been waiting with anticipation for OSHA to provide the Emergency Temporary Standard after the President mandated vaccines in the federal, federal contracting, healthcare facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, and Employers with 100+ employees. We saw so much speculation of what would be included in the ETS (also called the OSHA Rule) and now we're finally aware of all the many components that Employers need to have in place.


Who Must Join?

-All Employers with 100+ employees
-Business Owners that are under 100 employees but will still be impacted
-Company Leadership
-Compliance professionals
-HR Professionals
-Compliance Professionals


You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.


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