This webinar is focused on pacing delay, a controversial delay issue in the construction industry. Currently, there is little literature on pacing delay and case law is a bit sparse.
Thus, owners and contractors often find themselves at odds with one another over the practical effect of pacing delay in a delay claim situation. The webinar defines the term; identifies what constitutes pacing delay; sets forth the contractor’s legal right to pace an owner caused delay; and addresses the practical impact of a pacing delay, both to the project as well as to a delay claim. This webinar is intended to assist attendees in a better understanding of pacing delay and how the issue may be dealt with by both owners and contractors.

Area Covered in the Session

-Learn what pacing delay is.
-Gain an understanding of when owners and contractors may employ pacing delay.
-Understand the impacts and risks involved when pacing delay occurs.
-Be provided recommendations, for both owners and contractors, when pacing delay arises to mitigate some of the risks attendant to pacing delay.
-Be exposed to practice pointers for both contractors and owners concerning pacing delay.

Why Attend This Training

This webinar defines what pacing delay is, the typical causation of pacing delay, and gives examples of both owner and contractor pacing delay. The webinar discusses the contractor’s legal right to pace owner caused delay and explores the practical impact and risks on projects resulting from pacing delay. The webinar will also discuss the adverse impact of pacing delay on schedule delay analysis and delay claims asserted by contractors. It examines the issue of whether time-related damages are recoverable when pacing delay has occurred and potential owner defenses when damages are sought. The webinar offers some recommendations concerning defenses against pacing delay claims. Finally, the webinar offers some practice pointers for both owners and contractors when considering pacing delay.


DURATION: 90 Minutes

-Project owners and owner representatives managing capital improvement projects.
-Construction contractor executives, project managers, project sponsors, and project control personnel.
-Construction managers and design professionals performing services during construction.
-Attorneys dealing with construction delays claims and disputes.

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