The importance of a company having accurate financial statements is critical, in the ever-changing world we live in we can relax our guard. Payroll plays a hug part protecting a company’s financial statements even during such world events. These outside factors have impacted payroll departments such as working from home, spam emails appearing to be from leaders within an organization that is looking for confidential information to employee direct deposit changes that are not valid.

Employers are looking for ways to improve internal process and reduce cost. Payroll process documentation supports multiple internal improvements from cross training, defect identification and support a strong disaster (business continuity) recovery plan.

This webinar will give the participant multiple tools on how to document processes and identify areas of improvement. The participant will also gain best practice knowledge on how to keep documentation up to date and accurate in a contently changing world. This webinar will help the participant defend against fraud, lack of knowledge from staff shortages in the payroll area.


Areas covered in this Training:

-Understanding the Current Process
   o Goal Tree’s (Why)
   o Brainstorming Tools
   o Project Plans


-Types of Process Documentation
   o Process documentation and how to complete it properly
   o Determining what processes to measure and when
   o Process Map/Workflow maps/Business Continuity Plans
   o Best Practices


-Validating the Process Documentation
   o Tools to use to make sure process documentation is complete


-Discuss in detail different types of industry benchmarks
  o  Step by step process on how to start a benchmarking program for your department
  o  Process based v/s data-based benchmarking
  o  How to determine best in class practices
  o   Importance of customers in your benchmarking program


-Details of different types of data collection methods


-Different types of customers to evaluate in your process improvement program


Why Attend this Training:

After attending this webinar, you will be able to-


-Explain the why behind process documentation
-Give participants the tools to document processes through process maps and workflow maps
-Explain the difference between a workflow and process may and the value of each
-Best practices on how to create an organization specific process template


Participant will also gain tools to reduce or eliminate the chances of payroll fraud, understanding laws that can affect payroll fraud and how to handle them.

Suggested Attendees:

-Payroll Professionals
-HR professionals
-Company Leadership
-Payroll Analyst
-Payroll Specialist
-Payroll Managers
-Payroll Directors


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