If your business has 15 or more employees–no matter where they work–you have to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It sounds scary, but it’s not. This 60-minute webinar with HR expert Suzanne Lucas will cover what you need to do right now and when you need to call an expert.

What is the “interactive process”? Do you have to say yes to every request? Can you fire someone who has a disability? When can you ignore an employee’s complaint and when must you act?

Don’t be scared of the ADA. Come and see what you need to do.



Areas Covered in the Training 

-What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?
-Job applications
-Medical paperwork
-Mental health disabilities
-Physical health disabilities
-Definite a reasonable accommodation
-What is the interactive process?
-Do you have to accept the employee’s accommodation?
-When you can say no
-When an accommodation violates a work rule (phones and food at work)
-Can you fire someone with a disability
-Do you have to hire someone with a disability
-Recognizing when you need to act
-Don’t assume!
-Are you required to let disabled employees work from home?
-How ADA benefits everyone



Why attend this Training

In this training, you will learn the importance of and how to create effective, bullet- proof documentation, recognize the pitfalls to avoid when documenting, the importance of the performance appraisal process, and understand documentation’s role in investigations and lawsuits.


Duration – 60 Minutes
Suggested Attendees

-Business Owners
-Human Resources professionals
-Managers & Supervisors
-Project Managers
-Team Leaders
-Compliance professionals
-Operations professionals

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session


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