All condominiums have an association where each unit is represented. This association elects a board of directors who are responsible for the operation of the condominium or association. Because of multiple members on this board, many opinions are expressed and many of those opinions are not correct, especially when it comes to fair housing issues. This training will provide guidance to the boards with correct and up to dates information so they do not run afoul of the regulations.

This seminar reviews the most recent rulings from HUD on topics that are used frequently in property management. They are the latest information available from HUD. Many times, HUD has not been direct on how they will handle a certain regulation. Recently HUD has clarified its stand in a new topic with either a ruling or memorandum. WE will discuss these items and how they affect property managers and owners.


Areas Covered in this Training-

-Pets, Assistance and Service animals
-What is Reasonable accommodation
-What is a reasonable modification
-Are all requests considered reasonable
-What is familial status
-Exemptions under the Fair Housing Act
-What is the definition of a disability
-Under what circumstances may a community or association exclude families with children
-Latest Rulings of HUD


Why Attend this Training-

This webinar will provide all members of an association board of directors with the basic information to keep them from violating fair housing laws.

The purpose of this training is to educate owner associations about fair housing law and to highlight issues that commonly come up in common interest communities. This training serves as a guide for associations so that they can stop and consider the impact of certain decisions in light of fair housing laws, and ask more questions when appropriate. Once informed and aware of the issues, associations can better comply with fair housing laws.


Suggested Attendees-

-Property Managers
-Property Owners
-Leasing Consultants
-Board Members
-Real Estate Agents
-Maintenance Staff


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