The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or the Wage and Hour Act has been updated many times over the years to include some important features. It serves as an Employee Protection Act to help employees, generally presumed non-exempt and entitled to overtime pay. It explains the exemptions for professional, administrative, executive, outside sales, and computer-related employees.

Since 1938, the US Department of Labor (DOL) Wage & Hour Division has been overseeing federal labor laws. The non-compliance with Wage & Hour laws causes the employer to pay the employee back wages, damages, penalties, attorney fees, and court costs, and the aspect of civil and criminal penalties from federal and/or state governments. Now you need to recognize the growing importance of Wage & hour compliance.

Civil lawsuits for Wage and Hour violations are always a big threat to business. Violations of the FLSA can result in astronomical financial judgments against employers. Thus, the FLSA provisions protect your company from a major financial loss. Learn what these provisions support for minimum wage rates, overtime payments, child labor, and equal pay.

Why You Should Attend

This live webinar will be a comprehensive guide consisting of FLSA's key provisions. We will discuss how 2021 will reform the calculation of overtime pay, and what responsibilities need to be fulfilled during the ‘work hours’. When state and federal laws counter one another, what’s a smart move for you? We will bring forward the regulatory standards for employees to be compensated for training, meal breaks, travel time, and on-call status.

The session explains the groundwork to classify your employees as exempt or non-exempt. You will learn to ensure compliance with wage and hour laws and how your organization can avoid the risk of violations.

Session Highlights

-Discussion on the FLSA provisions
-The 3 test method to determine if an employee is exempt from the FLSA
-6 updated exemptions under the FLSA
-How to fairly treat employee meal breaks, travel, training, on-call time, and outside sales
-Calculate the overtime pay and their timelines
-Minimum wage requirements
-Equal pay to ensure a fair work environment
-Perspective and provisions of the FLSA for child labor
-Importance of accurate record-keeping
-Posting requirements

Who Will Benefit

-Senior Leadership
-HR Directors
-Managers & Representatives
-Operations Professionals
-Compensation Professionals
-Managers & Supervisors


You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.


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